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Senior Biology Scientist

1.Be responsible in completing target validation, data collection, project investigation, etc.;

2.It is preferred to be able to establish various in vitro experiments, such as compound screening, target binding, molecular interaction, CRISPR, etc.;

3.It is preferred to be able to establish various in vivo tumor models, such as subcutaneous model, immune oncology model;

4.Be responsible for putting forward guiding opinions on the research of in vivo and in vitro efficacy;

5.Be responsible for coordinating the progress of research, and promoting the project pipeline.


1.PHD/ or MD with 3 years of working experience; Research paper with IF > 5 is preferred.

2.Major in molecular biology, cell biology and other biology related majors;

3.Pr1.PHD/ or MD with 3 years of working experience; Research paper with IF > 5 is preferred.

2.Major in molecular biology, cell biology and other biology related majors;

3.Practical operation experience is preferred, such as cancer cell and immune cell co culture, ELISA, WB, qPCR, HTRF, CTG, etc.; Master the analysis and processing of experimental data;

4.Familiar with drug research and development process, and have relevant experience in the evaluation of immune targets and antitumor drugs;

5.Comprehensively understand the development trends of industry technology, and be able to grasp the development direction of cancer research;

6.Good English expression ability, strong organization, management and coordination ability.rstand the development trends of industry technology, and be able to grasp the development direction of cancer research;

6.Good English expression ability, strong organization, management and coordination ability.

In vivo scientist(pharmacology)

Contribution to planning, design and execution of in vivo pharmacology studies aimed at building pharmacologic relationships between drug exposure, target engagement, pharmacodynamic biomarkers, and activity of company molecules.

Contribution to Ex vivo analysis of tumor or immune cells from various tissues, including collection and processing of multiple tissues and analysis, cell phenotype and functionality using multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot would be a plus.

Design and establish murine tumor models.

Perform in vivo procedures in mice, including preparation and administration of dosing solutions via intravenous, intraperitoneal, and subcutaneous dosing routes, etc. and measure/readout of tumor progress

Effectively document study details, analyze and interpret data, and clearly communicate results within the organization.

Collaborate with CROs and academic partners to generate data supporting preclinical development of company molecules.

Work collaboratively with members of cross department team member to achieve team goals and support organizational goals.


B.S. or B.A. degree in biological science or equivalents with 3-5+ years of relevant research experience, and a track record of delivery within in vivo pharmacology.

Hands-on conduct in vivo techniques involving rodent models of tumor, delivering novel therapeutics.

pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses, clinical observations, and harvesting of tissues for analysis of efficacy.

Prefer to have knowledge of mouse models of tumor biology and inflammation, animal care and use procedures,

Prefer to handle standard molecular biology techniques to evaluate therapeutic effect (such as, but not limited to, RT-qPCR, ELISAs, and Western blots, tissue processing, FACS-based phenotyping, and functional analysis of immune cells using multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot).

Scientifically rigorous, highly organized, with significant attention to detail.

Self-motivated, team- and goal-oriented scientist with good oral and written communication skills.

Enjoys working in a fast-paced, small-company environment as part of a collaborative team.

Guangzhou, Shanghai

1. Responsible for/participate in the research of pre-clinical safety evaluation of new drugs, and be responsible for the implementation of the pre-clinical toxicology research plan and test plan of the research project;

2. Responsible for/participate in pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology and toxicology related literature data collection, analysis and evaluation;

  3. Responsible for/participate in the data analysis of the safety evaluation experiment, review the research report and scientifically explain the research results;

  4. Responsible for/participate in the supervision of the management and execution of the toxicological test of the cooperative CRO company, track the progress of the test part, and ensure the scientificity, compliance, progress and quality of the research project;

  5. Responsible for/participated in project safety evaluation and writing of some medical materials and project declaration.


1. Master's degree or above in pharmacology and toxicology and other related majors, 0-3 years of relevant work experience;

2. Participated in drug preclinical toxicology research and familiar with drug development process;

3. Those with drug development experience are preferred, and those with clinical pathological analysis experience are preferred;

4. Have excellent English reading and writing skills, and be able to search and query documents proficiently;

Research assistant
Guangzhou, Shanghai

1. Actively cooperate with superior leaders and the company's internal and external scientific research cooperation communication to promote the smooth progress of scientific research projects;

2. Manage the reception, statistics, sub-packaging, and delivery of scientific research samples within the company; be responsible for the management of the reception, classification, storage, statistics, and filing of scientific research materials and documents.

3. Read the cutting-edge literature of the biomedical industry to achieve self-improvement, and share and report when necessary.

4. Assist the company in applying for projects and undertake part of the research project writing work.

5. Other matters arranged by superiors.


1. A full-time master's degree in biology, chemistry, cell, and medical related majors, fresh or above to 2 years of work experience are acceptable, and those with better English are preferred.

2. Have good learning ability, adapt to the efficient style of the Internet industry, and have a strong ability to withstand pressure;

3. Be careful in work, have good communication and work habits, be stable, careful and cautious, have a high sense of responsibility, have strong coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit;

4. Focus on image, have strong writing and language communication skills and interpersonal relationship processing skills, be able to be flexible; have excellent logical thinking ability and execution ability.

Formulation Scientist
Guangzhou, Shanghai

1. Responsible for literature research, prescription screening, process optimization and amplification of preparation projects;

2. Responsible for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of preparation process research plans (prescription screening, preparation process optimization, packaging design, transportation conditions, preparation stability investigation and other new drug preparation related research);

3. Standardize research in accordance with the requirements and prepare relevant original records and organize and archive the materials, and write research reports and review relevant application materials for preparation process research;

4. Responsible for the use and maintenance of related test equipment.


1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceutical preparations and other related majors;

2. Skilled in operating and maintaining preparation equipment;

3. Understand GMP and drug production registration related laws and regulations;

4. Have a high sense of responsibility and teamwork, good communication skills and work execution.

Senior Researcher/Associate Director/Director of Tumor Immunity
Guangzhou, Shanghai

Job responsibilities:

1. Have a sufficient understanding of the principles of immunology, and lead the development and evaluation of new tumor immunotherapies, especially the tumor immune microenvironment, tumor-related macrophages and dendritic cells (CDC, PDC, MDSC, etc.);

2. Responsible for immune tumor related experimental operations such as MLR, ELISA, Elispot, T cell sorting and culture, T cell killing, activation and costimulation. Experimental results and data analysis to prove the concept and explain the mechanism;

3. It is possible to establish in vitro immune detection methods or animal models of tumor immune diseases;

4. On the basis of existing models, establish novel in vivo or in vitro screening platforms, and use these platforms to identify and characterize the functions and therapeutic potential of new drugs in the fields of B cell, T cell and innate immune cell biology;

5. Identify new targets, new drug molecules and signal pathways in the tumor immune response;

6. Research and analyze the mechanism of action of new drugs, be responsible for writing related SOPs for experiments, and be able to submit new drug INDs;

7. Demonstrate the team spirit of scientists by guiding, training or motivating team members, and be able to cultivate the experimental and analytical capabilities of team members.



1. A doctor with a background in immunology from a domestic university or a foreign university or a master's degree with more than 5 years of work experience; excellent scientific research ability, and no less than 1 article on tumor immunity with an IF score of 5 or more.

2. Solid immunology experimental skills, flow cytometry (more than 8 colors), independent analysis of immune cell subpopulations, proficient use of FlowJo (modulation compensation, t-SNE, etc.), purification, sorting and culture of primary cells, Immune cell culture, co-cultivation experiments have good consistency and repeatability, and establish in vivo disease models;

3. Independently plan and execute the screening and evaluation of immunomodulatory compounds; identify new targets, new drug molecules and signal pathways in the tumor immune response;

4. According to the company's needs, investigate the research progress of new tumor immunology projects and targets at home and abroad, and write project approval and closing reports;

5. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, able to present research results in intra-departmental and inter-departmental meetings.